Scott Gildea

As a counselor to individuals and companies ranging from sole proprietors to multinational corporations, Scott has developed and applied entrepreneurial insights and marketing expertise to the traditional standards of public accounting. He is known for his application of an aggressive approach to a thorough understanding of taxation, financial and audit matters relating to client concerns.…

Maria Ivanis

Maria is a partner and one of the founding members of Gildea & Ivanis LLP. She has over twenty five years of public accounting experience and spent many years with large regional accounting firms in New York and California prior to forming Gildea & Ivanis LLP. She counsels privately held business owners and individuals in…

Professional Staff

Our professional staff has experience in all areas of accounting, with individuals specializing in tax, auditing, business management, financial reporting, and bookkeeping. Members of the professional staff work closely with each other and the partners to deliver high quality work to our clients. Staff professionals have experience with both large and small accounting firms as…

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