Family Bill-Pay Services

Let us a custom tailor an engagement that is convenient for you and your family. We can handle all aspects of bill paying and set up a system that provides access to all financial information. Most clients prefer to use our office address and have bills sent directly to us for processing. We send out weekly summaries and directly correspond with vendors. This service is very popular for clients who travel frequently, or own multiple residences. It gives you the peace of mind that all invoices are handled with due care and attention.

Personal Financial Planning

When it comes to personal financial goals, most are long-term. Our team can help put those goals on paper and set up a plan to achieve them. Need help with long term financial planning, wealth accumulation, or retirement questions? Reach out to our team to help collaborate on a plan for your future. We will work with you to revisit the plan each year to make sure that you are on track as well as implement adjustments.

Retirement Planning

Our team can help you successfully plan for retirement by implementing strategies to put aside enough each year to support your lifestyle throughout retirement. We can help setup 401K’s, SEP IRA’s, pension and profit sharing plans. Thinking about retiring or have an offer to buy out a pension plan? We can help project cash flow, and help implement a plan to make sure your retirement is fully funded.

Estate, Trust, and Private Foundations Management

Our experts provide advice to wealthy individuals and their families, as well as their trusts, estates, and private foundations. We work in conjunction with your attorney and financial advisory team to consider the goals and plans for the distribution of assets during life and beyond. We closely monitor changes in the estate tax rules and will help adjust your plan to provide for tax-efficiency and continuity.

Charitable Giving Supervision

Many estates and foundations have an obligation to donate a certain amount annually or may need help directing funds and documenting their use. We work with several charitable foundations and help direct contributions to the appropriate beneficiaries. If you have a foundation or would like to set one up, contact our expert team to come up with a plan.